Medical Software Platform

Jetware Medical Software Platform

Ready-to-use tools, components, and business processes for all stages of the health app life cycle

Application architectures and software components for medical imaging, clinical decision support, hospital management, and other tasks
An integrated workspace with project management, collaborative development, and quality assurance tools
A simulation environment with various healthcare provider systems for software validation and interoperability testing
Regulatory compliance based on a well-organized development process with a quality management system and application of industry standards and best practices
Hassle-free test drives, fast setup and integration with the customer’s system thanks to a unified software infrastructure and standardized software components
Service reliability and quality ensured by automated monitoring and management of software infrastructure and services, as well as a 24/7 team of DevOps engineers
Proactive post-market surveillance with the integrated telemetry of business and technical metrics and user feedback tools

Develop and deliver your solution on a single platform

  • Accelerated time-to-market
  • Less development and installation
  • Standards and regulatory compliance


Application architecture templates + + + +
Software core infrastructure + + + +
Software components library + + + +
Long-term support 3 years 3 years 10 years 10 years
Development workspace - cloud cloud cloud/on-premises
Continuous integration pipeline - + + +
Simulation environment - - - +
Compliance documentation - - - +
Deployment cloud cloud cloud/on-premises cloud/on-premises
Automated management - - + +
Automated monitoring - + + +
Telemetry and analytics - + + +
Disaster recovery - - cold off-site backup active secondary site
Setup and integration - - + +
Managed services and support - - business hours 24/7
Test drive environment - - + +
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